From our fields to your family's table!


At Campbell Family Farms, it is our pleasure to bring you the highest quality potatoes. Our focus is on building soil health and paying attention to all details of the growing season and storage so that we can bring you the highest quality, best tasting potatoes. 

We grow about 400 acres of conventional potatoes in rotation with hay and grains. In 2008, we diversified to include six acres of organic potatoes, which has grown to 110 acres of organic production (potatoes and rotation crops). Our three year organic rotation ensures that our soils are full of nutrients and ready to produce high quality, flavorful potatoes. All of our organic potatoes are certified by MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association).

Our potatoes are available directly from the farm and our organic potatoes are available in five pound paper bags at Hannaford stores throughout central Maine.

When you purchase our organic potatoes in the store, they have been dry brushed and not yet washed with water. This helps to preserve freshness and enhance flavor.

In order to maintain quality and freshness when you get them home, potatoes should be stored where it is cool, dry and dark with vents away from the light.